3 tab asphalt shingle Downriver MI

Installing a new roof takes patience, expertise and the best roofing materials. If you’re planning a company or residential renovation project and need a new roof, doing it yourself has its drawbacks. First, you won’t have access to the hundreds of styles, colors and prices we do at Downriver Roofers. For over 22 years, our roofing experts have been installing 3 tab asphalt shingles in Downriver MI homes and companies. We know what we’re doing. Plus, our professionals receive ongoing training in the latest roofing and siding techniques, so they are highly knowledgeable in new roof installation, protective roof coatings, flashing repair, siding replacement, low slope roofing, metal roofing, tear-offs, roofing repairs, roof ventilation and upgrades, and identifying loose or missing shingles.


Over the years, we’ve built a solid relationship with our CertainTeed and GAF-certified materials contractor.  They provide us with the highest quality siding and roofing materials, along with wholesale prices and fast delivery. The products we sell from these manufacturers are top of the line, known for their sustainability and durability. They’re built to withstand a heavy Midwest winter and a hot summer, too.


3 tab asphalt shingles are popular in your Downriver Michigan neighborhood. You won’t break the bank, either, at Downriver Roofers. We offer competitive pricing, affordable payment plans and zero down home remodeling loans, all you need to do is ask! Our staff is happy to help you make your home renovation a dream come true.  We’ll create a plan that is budget-friendly, and pledge to install most roofs in about one day. How’s that for service? Need roofing repairs or maintenance? We can take care of that for you, anytime.


Emergency Roofing Team, at your service.  Our state has experienced tornadoes, hail storms, flooding, and record-setting heatwaves, leaving destruction in its wake. We know how hard those weather events can impact your home, including your roof, siding, and gutters. We’re equipped to handle any roofing or siding emergency. Someone is always on call to answer your questions, and we won’t put you on hold forever or drag your project out for weeks. We are fast and reliable, and have earned a reputation in your community as easy to work with, dependable, and affordable. We work with all the local building inspectors, so we know how to get your roofing inspection scheduled and guarantee it will pass.


Downriver Roofers is the #1 roofing contractor in your area.  We’ve been voted the best every year, and are proud to be the best. We want to continue to strive to do better, that’s why we offer specialty materials such as architectural design shingles, green roofs, and the strongest 3 tab asphalt shingles in Downriver MI. Call us now at 734-548-9919 to learn more about our:


  • Free roof estimates and inspections
  • Insurance Claims team that will help you file a homeowners claim quickly
  • Lifetime Warrantee on all roofing and siding CertainTeed and GAF certified materials
  • Commercial and residential new roof installations and shingle repairs


We don’t hire amateurs here! We’re all licensed, certified and insured.  That means you won’t be liable for any damages or accidents – we have everything under control. That also means you will never have to climb a ladder or nail in a shingle. Our highly talented roofing professionals will expertly assess your property for loose siding, roof leaks, holes, and other problems. We’ll develop a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle goals, and then we’ll get to work. Looking for a reference or examples of our expertise? Just go to downriverroofers.com/.   That’s where you’ll find photos from recent jobs we’ve performed in your neighborhood. There’s no obligation when you call us, either. Even if we come out to your home or company and do a complete interior and exterior evaluation, along with a detailed report, you won’t be billed unless we are hired to do the job. We look forward to meeting you and your family. Stop by our Twitter and Facebook pages. Our customers have been known to post a proud pic of their new roof or siding on our sites. We love that, and can’t wait to become your trusted, friendly roofing company. We value your business!