Perhaps since the weather’s been breaking, you’ve been noticing parts of your roof that are deteriorating. Maybe shingles are on the ground, your gutters are bent, or there are evident leaks or holes you just can’t ignore. Is your heating or cooling bill on the rise? That, too, can be an indication your roof isn’t efficient and is causing higher energy bills. If you live in Downriver and are looking for an area top-rated roofer in Southgate Michigan, Downriver Roofers is your answer. This well-established, frequently referred company hires only experts for roof replacements, roofing repairs, roof installation, and roofing maintenance. They can do residential or commercial roofing projects, protective roof coatings, tear-offs, roof inspections, re-roofs, and more.


There are so many different kinds of roof styles and shingles. There are green roofing options, flat roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs and asphalt roofs. Regarding shingles, you can choose from tile and wood shingles, three-tab shingles, slate shingles, and architectural shingles just to name a few. Downriver Roofers is a #1 roofing contractor that has won awards for its outstanding customer service, top of the line GAF and CertainTeed roofing products, and workmanship. These craftsmen do exceptional work on homes and businesses in Southgate MI. Keeping your property up to date and preserving your roof is a sure way to guarantee your home’s value will continue to increase.

Don’t waste time and money

When you hire a certified, licensed and insured roofing company, you’re secure in the knowledge your home improvement project is in good hands, and that you won’t be liable if there are any issues. A seasoned roofing contractor will take care of everything from hauling ladders and shingles, to installing your new roof, working with city inspectors to ensure your roof is up to code, and getting rid of any garbage and debris after the job is done, so you won’t have to do a thing. By hiring the best roofing contractor in Southgate Michigan, you’re making sure your property will be properly cared for and preserved. Our talented roofing professionals have over 22 years of collective experience performing remarkable roofing repair and installation projects in the Downriver community. We offer financing arrangements for every household budget, hundreds of roofing styles to choose from, our no-leak guarantee, full warrantees on materials and labor, and one-day roof installation in most instances. All it takes is one phone call to our experts at 734-548-9919 to set up your initial free roofing inspection and quotation. We’ll provide you a breakdown of the health of your shingles, gutters, roof, and energy efficiency so you can make the soundest decision regarding your property.

Lower your bills

If you’ve heard that a leaky roof can be the culprit for  high energy bills, you heard correctly. If your roof is in good condition with no holes, imperfections, loose shingles, missing shingles, leaks or tears, it will be in the best shape possible to shield your property from extreme heat and cold weather conditions. So if you want more money in your pocket, it really pays to find a highly regarded roofing company in your neighborhood. Imagine receiving your DTE bill and discovering it’s been cut by half or even a third! Happy days are here again! It doesn’t hurt to find out if your roof is not performing up to speed by having it inspected and evaluated by credible roofing professionals. It makes sense for your home and roof to be as green and energy efficient as possible, so you can reap the outstanding financial benefits.


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