Chimney repair Downriver Michigan

You might not think your residential or commercial chimney is important but it is. If you live in Downriver, MI and are concerned about your roof or chimney, it’s best to get it checked out right away. Downriver Roofers is the leading chimney repair contractor across the Downriver area. Our certified roofing professionals are experts at assessing and repairing all types of roofs and chimneys.


Things to look for that could mean a damaged chimney


If you’re not a licensed chimney repair expert you may not realize what you need to look for in a damaged chimney. Here are a few tips:


1)      Make sure you have an operational chimney cap. The chimney cap is supposed to keep rain out of the flue, so if you don’t have one, that’s a big problem. Downriver Roofers can easily perform a quick exterior and interior roof inspection, and determine if a new chimney cap is needed. We can install one in no time at all.

2)      Your chimney crown needs to be in good condition. Your chimney crown is made of mortar or cement and tops your chimney. It is also a protector against the elements, especially rain water. If it’s deteriorating or in need of repair, we can help.

3)      Do you have firebox damage? If you notice loose bricks or missing mortar joints you need to consult a professional roofing company.

4)      Do you see white staining on your chimney? If so there could likely be a moisture problem you need assistance with.

5)      Lastly, do you need your mortar joints repaired? This is also known as tuckpointing. This type of repair needs to be done every so often to keep things tightly sealed and protect your home from the elements.


Make no mistake, your chimney is important, and at Downriver Roofers we are your chimney repair experts. Besides chimneys, we also handle roofing maintenance, roof repairs, new roof installation, roof ventilation and upgrades, tear-offs, re-roofs, siding repair, protective roof coatings, roof inspections, roof shoveling, hip shingle repair, and more. We are your one-stop-shop for all things roofing. Everyone on our staff is fully certified and licensed to perform all types of roof repairs. All of our work is guaranteed, and most is finished in just one day. Call us at 734-548-9919 to set up your free roofing estimate.  There is no obligation. Every year, we are always rated #1 in Downriver, Michigan. We only use GAF, CertainTeed materials on all our roofing projects. Check out our website at and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t ever climb another roof again, call our roofing experts today!