Defend your home from Wind, Sun, and Water: roofing contractors Southgate MI

Water is one of the most destructive substances on the planet.  Mountains are carved into valleys by glaciers, rivers cut across the plains, and snow blows and builds and melts, eroding the surface of our world into an ever-changing landscape.  On a microscopic level, there isn’t much that is different about your roof.  Whether it is slate, asphalt, shaker-shingle, or fired clay wind, water, and sun are working to break down your roof until it is nothing.  Over time, your roof catches the brunt of these elements.  Year after year, season after season, until it no longer protects your home. This is nothing new to roofing contractors in Southgate Michigan.  So depending on the punishment dished out, you might be in need of roof repairs and not even realize it.

Due to the humidity and lake effect inherent to the climate in Michigan, the area is extremely humid.  Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, however due to the massive swings in climate due to the jet stream and the yearly arctic winds that drop in from Canada, Michigan is often hot and humid in the summer and frigid and humid in the winter.  When trapped moisture finds its way in between the layers of your shingles, and even down into the nooks and crannies of the shingles themselves, temperature variations create what is known to science as the “frost effect.”  Any good roofing contractor in Southgate MI knows this.

When water is heated, it expands and becomes steam.  But also when water freezes, due to the crystalline structure of the molecule itself, it becomes ice, which also expands!  Very little can withstand this expansion, which means that over time, the water on your roof creates a hydraulic jack effect, lifting and spreading the materials of your roof, turning a new roof into an old one in just a few years. Don’t feel bad.  Water does the exact same thing to mountains.  The difference between a mountain and your roof, luckily for you, is once sun, wind, rain, and snow wear your roof out your roof can be repaired or require a new roof entirely!

In Michigan summers, hail, wind, and even more disastrous events such as tornadoes take their toll of a roof too. Depending on the quality of the roof installation, your roof should expect to see around fifteen to twenty years of reliable service.  Unless Mother Nature decides to work overtime.  A single hail storm could reduce a relatively new, well-built roof into a pockmarked, leaking mess overnight.  Which is why our roofers can provide a variety of materials best suited for your needs when helping you with your roof installation.

Perhaps the biggest benefit you might not think of when considering a new roof is how convenient it is to simply replace a damaged roof.  Your roof takes the hits of 365 days of sun, rain, hail, ice, snow, and wind for years, sparing the rest of your home the impact of the elements.  Over time, these materials break down, which isn’t surprising, considering no monument on this planet can withstand the elements indefinitely.  Replacing your roof gives your home the care it needs to continue surviving the elements and providing you and your family a place to live.  A place to thrive.  And a place that generations might call home.

So contact our roofing contractors in southgate MI today to get more information on how to fortify your home against the elements.  The roof you save today will be the home you save tomorrow.  Our crew of experienced roofers has the knowhow and experience to give you the roof your home deserves! Contact Downriver Roofers today!