Find the Right Roofing Company for Your Downriver Storm Damage Needs

In the Downriver region, heavy weather is a fact of life.  All year long, Michigan weather conditions such as temperature changes, sunlight, strong winds, heavy rains, and hailstorms wreak havoc with roofs in the area. With summer comes winds and drenching rain. Storms are the leading cause of roof damage during this time of year. For a roofing company, storm damage is the most important reason to respond rapidly and urgently. While storm experience is one way to select a roofing company with experience here in our local climate, it’s not the only reason to find a roofing company you trust, to support you through everything your roof faces.

Don’t climb up on the roof to take a look with your own eyes

Thousands of serious accidents – including fatalities – result from ladder and rooftop falls every year. When you call our company, we send a trained, experienced roof inspector up an OSHA approved ladder to have a look.  We can show you photos of major damage on your rooftop to help you visualize the scope of the problem, or – in most cases – give you a verbal and written description of the state your roof is in.

Any task that requires a ladder has a built-in element of danger. Statistics show that most injuries are to feet and legs, but spines and skulls also take a beating in ladder accidents.  There is no reason to put your own life and safety at risk.

Do ask us questions about the state of your roof

Are you most concerned about your skylights? Curious about how the south slope is weathering compared to the north pitch of your rooftop? Wondering whether a solar panel is still clean and absorbing maximum energy? We are happy to add any concerns you may have to the checklist for our roof inspection.

Quite often, the most important question is whether a new roof is necessary.  Sometimes roof repairs are more appropriate.  Repairing surfaces, drain pipes and ventilation may be all that is needed to restore and protect your property after a major storm hits.

Along with new roof installation on new construction or on additions to your building, we do many variations on repair and re-roofing. We can handle the tear-offs of all damaged materials in your roof. Then we repair or re-roof, do any ventilation or drainage maintenance, and even apply new siding where required.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to the roof over your head

No leaks?  That is not enough to know your roof is in good shape for the next storm.  With roof repair, old sayings like “a stitch in time saves nine” prove just as valid as they did a century ago. If you get an inspection now, you may have the opportunity to act quickly with a minor repair or a timely re-roofing before external damage becomes major or water seeps in to harm interior structures.  Only by having a complete report on the condition of your roof will you be in the position where you can decide when to act.

Damage comes slowly as well as suddenly

Even if your roof does not suffer catastrophic collapse or damage that breaches the roofing material, taking action to do the right roof repairs at the right time can help keep your roof functioning and extend its functional life. Your roof can slowly begin to show damage from improper installation at the time it was built or last replaced. The slow effects of insufficient or clumsy maintenance practices can kick in over time as well. Your attic or interior structure may be showing damage from insufficient ventilation, which can even lead to black molds growing. Sealing around skylights can slowly deteriorate and begin to admit significant moisture before any dripping sound makes the situation loud and clear.

Get our eyes on your rooftop

Our experience with storm damage here in Downriver, Michigan, makes us the roofing company to call. Schedule a thorough roof inspection with us now so we can determine the condition of your roof, and propose repairs designed to keep your roof serving you for years to come. We know what to do on your rooftop – in most cases getting everything done in a lasting, responsible way in just a few days.  We also know how to talk with you, back on the ground. We take pride in communications designed to be honest, open and timely.  Reach out to us before the next storm comes through.