GAF Best Roofing Warranty in Michigan

How Many Years Does Your Asphalt Roof Warranty Cover?

Roofing warranties can get complicated. There are warranties offered by shingle manufacturers that cover just the shingles. There are warranties that cover just the labor. And there are warranties that cover both materials and labor.

Years ago, roofing shingles were covered by manufacturers’ warranties for as little as 15 years. Today many shingle manufacturers have boosted their shingle coverage to 40 or 50 years, or are even offering a “lifetime” warranty. (In most cases, such shingle warranties do not apply to commercial properties.)

So the question becomes, just what does “limited lifetime” mean for a top roof warranty in downriver Michigan? For the most part, according to shingle manufacturers, a “lifetime” roof warranty means that your shingles are covered for as long as you own the home. The warranty applies to the original homeowner of the asphalt roof in downriver Michigan, the one who had the roof installed. However, some manufacturers will allow the shingle warranty to be transferred to a second homeowner, provided certain protocols are followed (the transfer is done properly and you may pay a small fee).


What’s Covered under Southeast Michigan’s Best Roof Warranty?

An asphalt shingle warranty is primarily intended to cover manufacturing defects, which usually surface in the first few years after the roof is installed. And if your roofing materials are found to be defective, your warranty may only cover the materials, not the labor required to replace them.

While some shingle manufacturers are now covering labor for a short period of time, you may be required to purchase additional warranty coverage. It all depends on the manufacturer, and even the grade of the shingles you purchase. Some roofers these days are also offering their own installation or workmanship warranty that will cover the labor, if for some reason you need to repair your roof.


What about Roof Stains, Wind and Hail Damage?

You’ve no doubt seen those ugly black algae stains on roofs in your neighborhood. Maybe you’ve had that problem with your own home? Is staining covered on a new asphalt roof in downriver Michigan? That depends on the shingle manufacturer. There is coverage on some shingles and not on others. And the number of years covered varies.

What about wind and hail damage? Heavier asphalt shingles generally can withstand more severe weather conditions, particularly damaging wind and small hail. Some shingle manufacturers’ warranties cover shingle damage sustained in winds as high as 130 mph. But the shingles must have been installed properly, with the correct nail application.


Hail damage caused by larger hail is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, even if the shingles are rated “IR,” or impact resistant. That’s where they draw the line. However, if you purchase shingles that are IR rated or SBS (polymer modified asphalt, for improved flexibility), it’s more likely your shingles will be able to “weather the storm.” GAF is a shingle manufacturer that makes shingles that are both impact resistant (IR rated) and have more flexibility (SBS).

Shingles that have been independently tested by Underwriter’s Laboratories and pass their impact resistance tests may get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. So check with your insurance agent.


Why Proper Installation Is Important for a Top Roof Warranty in Southeast Michigan

While it’s great to have a manufacturer’s warranty covering your roof’s shingles and accessories, a roofing problem is often not due to a manufacturing defect. More likely it will be caused by improper installation, and that won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, manufacturers will typically void their product warranty if the roof was not properly installed.

Further, Southeast Michigan best shingle warranties usually do not cover damage caused by structural issues or improper ventilation (which can cause damage or premature shingle aging). A qualified roofing contractor can tell you whether your roof should have additional ventilation and how it should be set up, which is yet another reason to be careful in selecting your roofing installer.

Hiring a licensed, insured roofer who is certified by the shingle manufacturer is the way to go. Downriver Roofers is GAF Elite Certified.

When purchasing a new roof, make sure you understand the warranty so you’ll know what’s covered and what’s not. Contact us at 734-548-9919 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.