When you stop to think about it, the reason there’s a building in your backyard is to put a roof over your car.  The garage is an important part of your property.  Your car is not only an investment, it is responsible for how you get to work, school and shop for food and the necessities of life.  Your garage needs the protection of a properly maintained roof.


Why not enlist a roofing contractor you can trustDownriver Roofers is second to no one in the industry.   We have a reputation for the highest quality workmanship and timely cost effective work at reasonable pricing. We have been in business for over 21 years.    We know what homeowners and business owners need.   View our website for updates to services we do as well as other company information


For example, there are significant waterways in Downriver, Michigan.  The communities are surrounded by the Detroit River and Lake Erie.  Many residents have boats.  Thus, their garages not only contain a car but may also contain a boat; more assets to protect.



As in the case of the roof on your house, when you actually see water in your garage, this is a sign it has probably been trapped for quite some time between roofing materials and the boards that make up your roof.  Think of the effect on the wooden framing of your garage from absorbing water, regardless if it is alot or a little.  Water weakens wood.  The strength of your garage itself could be in jeopardy.


Why not give your garage roof the same attention you give the roof on your house or business property.  It should be inspected annually for wear and tear from weather conditions it endures all year-round. Make it part of your regular roofing regimen.  When you enlist us to inspect the roof on your home, include a thorough exterior and interior inspection of your garage roofing.  Keep our number handy 734-548-9919.


Our companyprovides many services. A summary of the main services we provide are as follows:


Inspection and Written Estimates

Our roofing contractors are available 24/7 throughout the year for complementary inspection of the inside and outside of your property.  We service residential and commercial property owners.  Detailed written estimates are provided.  Again, there is NO cost for this service and NO obligation.


Repair and Maintenance Projects

Our fully licensed and certified pool of roofers is available to complete any and all repair or maintenance work that may result from the inspection.  View Michigan’s website for roofing information


Most projects can be completed in one day.  It is always our intention to complete projects in a quick but complete fashion.  Consideration is given to doing our work in a convenient manner to you, our valued customer.


Roofing Replacement and Installation

If total roof replacement and installation of a new roof is the most efficient and cost effective way to resolve roofing issues, we can do this project timely and the workmanship will be nothing but the best.  We use only the highest quality materials, and our owner is available to inspect all work as it is being completed.


We are so sure you will be totally satisfied that we give our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all work and products used, or we will give you your money back.  Warranties come with all materials and our roofing contractors service all warranty work.


Emergency Roofing Projects

Most emergency roofing projects are the result of weather conditions.  Excessive storms and wind may cause loosened shingles or debris to collect on the roof.  Snowstorms and cold weather cause excessive snow build up and ice damming on the roof.


Our phone is answered 24/7, year-round.  Someone will be in contact with you in a brief time.  And, we will have someone to your home or business quickly to remedy all emergencies.  Please keep our telephone number easily accessible 734-548-9919.


Upgrades and Repairs

At Downriver Roofers, we believe in staying current as well as protecting our environment.  We have roofing contractors who are expert and experienced at bringing upgrades to you that will enhance your living experience.


Skylights are an amazing addition as well as roof ventilation products.  These are but a few products that bring a better living quality into your home.


No project is too big or small.  Our goal is to keep your residential and garage roofing in only the best condition to protect you, your family and your assets.