Even regular maintenance cannot prevent roof leaks that occur as a result of severe weather or freak accidents such as fallen trees from high winds.  Sometimes water leaks go unnoticed as water stains can be almost undetectable from a distance.  By the time they are noticed, the damage is already done.  Why not protect your home with regular scheduled roof inspections by a roofing contractor you can trust, Downriver Roofers.


Downriver Roofers, located and servicing the Downriver, Michigan communities such as Monroe, Gibraltar, Taylor, Lincoln Park and Wyandotte, has been in business for over 21 years.  We service both residential as well as commercial roofs.  We are a full service roofing company.


This simply means, from the wood boards, thru the roofing layers, to your chimney, we have roofing contractors who can inspect, evaluate and complete all projects in a timely, efficient manner.  All projects, big and small, are given our full and immediate attention.  Call us at 734-548-9919 or send us a request to our website at https://www.downriverroofers.com 24/7, all year-round.


There are a few steps that lead up to roof repair options for leaks in your roof:


  1. DISCOVERING LEAKS – Missing, cracked, loosened or damaged shingles are a type of warning sign that water is potentially seeping into the roofing structure.  Clogged gutters and damaged flashing are also causes of roof leaks.  If you notice any of these things or if they are seen as a result of a roof inspection, we will investigate further to ensure your property is not at risk for water damage.


  1. DETECTING LEAK LOCATION(S) – Water leaks as mentioned earlier, are often deceptive.  Staining from a water leak may be away from the actual leak. Water travels easily and gravity assists in spreading water anywhere there is a downward slope.  We will remove layers of roofing from the outside and drywall from the inside as necessary to find all leaks.  Our roofing experts are trained and experienced at finding the source of weaknesses in the roofing system.


  1. INSPECTION, EVALUATION AND WRITTEN ESTIMATE – We will do a full inspection of your roof both on the outside and inside.  Leaks may mean rotted boards or other weaknesses that will and should be addressed.  Regardless, our roofing professionals will provide a written evaluation along with our recommendations for roof repair or replacement and a detailed estimate.  The inspection and evaluation always come to you with NO cost or obligation.


  1. ROOF LEAK REPAIR – Whatever the problems are and their severity, Downriver Roofers has a full team of fully licensed, insured and certified roofing contractors who will get the job done quickly and with minimum inconvenience to you.  Roofing work can be dangerous.  Our workers meet all the State of Michigan safety requirements.  Please refer to their website at http://www.michigan.gov.



We use only GAF or Certain Tweed certified and approved materials  This means we will match your current shingles or be able to give you the best materials for your money.  We give you our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.  As Downriver Michigan’s #1 rated roofing company year after year we are certain you will be satisfied.