With the spring and summer months in Michigan comes winds and rain.  Storm damage is a leading cause of roofing and skylight damage during this time of year.  Roofing contractors specializing in every aspect of roofing are available 24/7, year-round at Downriver Roofers servicing Grosse Ile and the neighboring downriver communities.  We are consistently Grosse Ile’s #1 roofing company with over 20 years experience.


You may be noticing signs of wear and tear on your roof.  Making good decisions is the key to minimizing long-term costs.  This is especially true for large, complex jobs like roofing.  It is a good time to seek the services of an expert and qualified roofing company to ward off untimely, costly roof repairs.  Keeping your roof free of holes, leaks and debris is important to extending the life of your roof.


Some of the many services we provide are as follows:



Free roof and skylight inspections are performed by licensed and certified roofing contractors.  Both interior and exterior inspections are made to ensure a complete and accurate assessment can be made of the condition of your roof.  This service is available to both residential and commercial customers.  Call us for your free NO cost, NO obligation inspection at 734-548-9919.




One of our roofing contractors will provide a written assessment of your roof.  If repairs and maintenance are recommended, we have an extensive staff of certified, insured and fully licensed roofing professionals who will get the job done in an efficient, safe and timely manner.  Most work can be done in one day to minimize any inconvenience to our customers and minimize damage to your property. And, all estimates and work is supervised by the Company’s Owner.  Please refer to http://michigan.gov for licensing and safety requirements.



Extreme winds and rain can cause shingles to loosen and rip away from the roof. Debris from surrounding trees may collect on your roof and compromise both your roof and skylights.  An inspection of your roof readily reveals the condition of shingles as well as if any are missing.  Replacement of shingles can be done relatively quickly as well as the removal of any and all debris.


Snowfall and cold, freezing weather conditions produce a lot of weight and moisture on your roof.  The subtle warming and melting then refreezing causes ice dams.  The ice dams and heavy snow can be very harsh and challenge the integrity of your roof causing holes and leakage.  Snow and ice dam removal are amongst our many services.  We do recommend their removal be done professionally to keep both you and your roof safe.



An inspection of your roof may reveal a new roof is necessary and most cost effective.  Roofing contractors will help you decide whether to install your new roof over the existing one or whether to tear the old one off.  Though new roof installation is a complex project, our experienced roofers can often complete your roof in one day.  We offer financing options and help with insurance claims.  Our work is 100 percent guaranteed or your money-back.



NO project is too big or small!  Downriver Roofers is the premier roofing company servicing Grosse Ile, Michigan.  Call us 24/7, year-round at 734-548-9919 or contact us through our website at https://downriverroofers.com.