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Roofing Repairs


During the spring and summer months, it is easier to see certain areas of our home that need fixing.  Perhaps when it was snow-covered in the winter, you weren’t able to see your roof, but now that it is clear, you notice the shingles are curling and deteriorating.  Worse yet, you may have a leak in your roof that is causing water damage in your home.  Either way, if you suspect your roof is falling apart, it can be repaired by Downriver Roofers.  We have all the latest roofing materials needed to repair your roof, no matter what the problem may be.  We also have a highly trained staff of roofers that are all licensed and bonded.  Whether your repair is minor or major, we can take care of it efficiently and professionally.


Is a permit needed? What other items should I be concerned about?


In most Michigan cities, including the Downriver area, a permit is not required to repair a roof.  If it is determined that a replacement is necessary, in that case a permit would be needed.  Technically, home or business owners can perform ordinary roof repairs on their own, however, this can be a dangerous proposition.  It takes years of skill and precision to be able to effectively determine what kind of materials are needed for any type of roof repair.  Consider these issues:


1)    Are you aware of the hazards of climbing onto your roof?  Besides the potential of falling off of your ladder, other potential dangers include possibly exposing yourself to asbestos, protruding or rusty nails, and/or extremely hot temperatures depending on the weather.  If you need to use a blow torch or nail gun during your repair, you have to be extremely careful to avoid any possible malfunction, which could leave you severely burned or injured.

2)    Do you know precisely what type of shingle, glue, and other materials are needed for the repair?  Unless you are in the roofing business, chances are you do not know all of the many types of supplies there are for sale at local home improvement stores.  The number of different kinds can be overwhelming, and the prices can really add up, unless you have a builder’s license like we do at Downriver Plumbers.  We buy all of our materials in bulk so we can pass on the savings to you, the customer.

3)    Are you a trained roofing professional?  If not, you may unintentionally perform a repair incorrectly, resulting in lost time and money.  Also, if you improperly attach replacement shingles it could actually worsen your problem.  Poorly affixed shingles could loosen and fall off, leaving you with a bigger leak than before.


These are all things you should be thinking about before you decide your roofing repair is a do-it-yourself project.  If you live in Downriver, Michigan, you should call Downriver Roofers first.  Our experts have more than 20 years of experience repairing residential and commercial roofs.  We can repair any type, size, or style of roof you have at your property.  If you leave the job to us, you won’t have to worry about falling off of a ladder.  Our roofing specialists stand on the tallest of ladders and roofs all day long, and our company is licensed, so there is no need to be concerned about accidents.  Downriver Roofers is the #1 Roofing Company in Michigan.  Find out why by calling 734-548-9919. We guarantee our work 100%, or your money will be refunded.