Free Roof Inspections

Free Roof Inspections


If you need your residential or commercial roof inspected and live in Downriver, Michigan, Downriver Roofers is your answer. We provide free roof inspections to home and business owners. Our roofing professionals are all GAF certified and insured, and have more than 20 years of experienced conducting complete interior and exterior roof inspections. Other Downriver roofing contractors advertise free roof inspections, however, when you read the fine print you notice you’ve been charged a service fee. At Downriver Roofers we are known for our dependability, attention to detail, and high quality materials.


Our owner is always on site during roof inspections, roof installations, roofing maintenance, roof ice dam removals, tear-offs, re-roofing, roof ventilation and upgrades, applications of protective roof coatings, and roof shoveling jobs. No matter how large or small your project is, your satisfaction is always our #1 priority at Downriver Roofers.


Our free roof inspections are thorough, as we examine every inch of your exterior roof, looking for worn or missing shingles, water damage, ice, holes, broken vent pipes, moss, debris, and other imperfections that may result in water leakage, a loss of protective covering and heat source, and ultimately end up costing you more money in energy costs. Our roofing professionals will make sure all of your shingles are securely in place, and that the flashing is in excellent condition.


In addition to inspecting the outside of your Downriver, MI roof, we also assess its interior. Here are a few items we watch out for during our interior roof inspection:



Once we’ve completed both the interior and exterior inspection, we evaluate any areas that may need repair or replacement and discuss our findings with you, the home or business owner. If roof repairs are possible we will provide you a quotation on the work that needs to be done, and if a new roof installation is recommended, we can help you choose a quality roof that meets your budgetary needs.


There’s no time like the present, it’s always a good idea to have your residential or commercial roof checked out for safety and efficiency reasons. Downriver Roofers can conduct roofing assessments any time of the year, rain or shine, unlike some roofing companies that only perform evaluations during the spring or summer. No matter if the weather if freezing or scorching hot, it makes sense to take a preventative approach to safeguarding your home, including having your roof inspected. You never know, it could be in excellent condition, or in dire need of repairs or replacement. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our Free Roof Inspection Program, the only one of its kind offered in Downriver, MI.  Call our roofing specialists today at 734-548-9919 to schedule your free roof inspection.