Loose and missing shingles replaced



Have you noticed any stray roof shingles on your Downriver, Michigan property lately? If so, this can be a sign that you are in need of a roofing assessment. You may need to have loose and missing shingles replaced, and the authority on that is Downriver Roofers. We’ve been in the business of replacing loose and missing shingles for more than 20 years. Our top-ranking roofing professionals are highly adept at inspecting your MI residential or commercial property for any holes, loose or missing shingles, poor flashing, faulty roof ventilation, and other areas that may result in major leaks and future expenses.


We are proud to be Downriver’s #1 provider of new roof installations, protective roof coatings, roof shoveling, roof ice dam removals, re-reroofing, tear-offs, re-decking, roof ventilation and upgrades, roof maintenance, and roof repairs. We always offer free roof estimates and inspections to our Downriver customers. If you have a number of loose or missing shingles, you may end up experiencing roof leaks throughout your property. Why risk having your property and valuables damaged further, when you can prevent this by calling our expert roofing professionals. No other roofing company in MI can offer you the advantages we do. Besides providing free estimates and inspections, we also offer a lifetime warrantee on all new roof installations, and a money-back guarantee on all our workmanship and materials. Everything we use is GAF certified, the very best you can find in the industry. If you live in Downriver, Michigan, and have any roofing needs, Downriver Roofers can assist you. Other roofing contractors are owned by large corporations that aren’t very hands on, but our company’s owner is always on site for every commercial and roofing project in Michigan. Our expert roofing team is available 24/7, year-round to help you eliminate any roofing hazards or dangers. We will work with you regarding payment plans, budget, and affordability, as well as schedule any roofing work so your lifestyle won’t be adversely interrupted. We take care of all the debris hauling and removal, as well as all city permits and inspections. We perform all roofing replacements and repairs promptly and efficiently, so you won’t ever have to climb a ladder or set foot on your roof. To set up your free roof estimate, call our roofing team at 734-548-9919, and you too can join the ranks of satisfied customers at Downriver Roofers.