Not all roofing replacement quotes are equal.  They are sure to differ.  Why you might ask?  The answer is quite simple.   The quote or estimate is based on what type and how much materials, shingles to be used, warranty to be given and how the roof replacement work is to be done.


Downriver Roofers, Downriver Michigan’s premier roofing company year after year, provides services to both residential and commercial customers.  We have the experience, knowledge and credibility to help you pick the materials and service that best suit your home or business property.  We make sure you know and understand what is included in your quote.  There are no “hidden” costs and everything is in writing.  Someone is available 24/7, year-round to receive your call at 734-548-9919.



The first step is to have a full inspection of the exterior and interior of your roofing system.  Our qualified fully certified and insured roofing experts will review every aspect of your roof from the shingles down to the sub-layers should they exist.  Our inspections come to you at No cost and No obligation.


Uninsured, non-certified roofers usually offer lower prices for roofing replacement and installation.  They have less “professional” costs and usually lower quality of workmanship.  With our highly qualified, fully insured roofing professionals comes a service of the highest quality.  We give a full satisfaction guarantee or your money-back.  The State of Michigan is explicit relative to roofing certification.  Please review the detail at http://www.michigan.gov.



A roof that has been reroofed many times may have several layers of roofing.  Over time, wear and tear will require some or all of the layers to be removed or torn off.  This requires more time and thus more cost.  The inspection will enable a proper determination to be made relative to the removal of roofing layers.  Again, this will be addressed in writing in the quote.



Roofing materials come in a variety of types, styles and colors.  Shingles have different longevity and durability factors.  Types of shingles include metal, asphalt or the newer ‘green’ varieties.  Not only do the type of shingles add to the cost factor but styles and colors may be a factor.


At Downriver Roofers, we use only the highest quality GAF and Certain Tweed products.  They come in all types, styles and colors as well as with full warranties.   Our certified roofers are qualified and take full responsibility to uphold all warranted work.  Take a look at our website for further detail relative to our warranties https://www.downriverroofers.com.


Lastly, the quantity of shingles used is a major factor in a roofing replacement quote. Don’t be fooled or confused. Shingles can be measured in bundles or squares.  For example, there are three bundles to a square.  Be sure you know the difference.  Again, we will be sure you know the difference.  Call us today for your no cost, no obligation roofing replacement quote 734-548-9919.