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You might not think you can purchase a new roof during all four seasons in Riverview, Michigan, but you can if you call Downriver Roofers. We are a full-service, certified and licensed roofing contractor that specializes in roofing repairs, roof installation, roof replacement, roofing inspections, roof ventilation and upgrades, tear-offs, missing and loose shingles, roofing repairs, re-roofs, and more. We are proud to be a GAF, CertainTeed approved roofing company that puts our customers’ needs first. It doesn’t make a difference if you own a commercial or residential property in Riverview, MI, your roof is an essential part of where you live or work. It is important for your roof to be healthy and strong, and that is where Downriver Roofers comes in. We will assess every inch of your roof, checking for loose, worn, damaged, and missing shingles. We will also inspect for tears, holes, poor ventilation, and gutter damage. Once we’ve completed a full interior and interior inspection, we will determine the best course of action for your situation. If a roofing replacement is needed, you will have an opportunity to sit down with our roofing team to choose the best roof style and price that fits your budgetary and lifestyle needs. Are you looking for a recyclable, green roof?  If so a metal roof may be your best bet. If you own a commercial property, a flat roof might be best.

All of our new roofs come with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee, no-leak promise, and lifetime warranty. What could be better than that? As a bonus, most of our new roof installations are completed in about one day, so your busy schedule will barely be interrupted. Our owner is always on site for every roofing project, so you will be our #1 priority. Don’t worry about climbing a ladder in the dead of winter – we’ve got that covered for you. When it’s below zero out, we will also take care of any roof shoveling or roof ice dam removal if needed, so you can stay inside where it’s nice and warm. Got a roofing emergency? Our certified roofing professionals are always ready, 24/7, year round to respond to all roofing emergencies related to a fire, flood, or snowstorm. Call Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9919 to set up your free inspection, and check us out on the web at https://downriverroofers.com/. Find out why we’re continually voted #1 in Riverview, Michigan for roofing repairs, replacement, and installation.

5 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors in Riverview, MI

Finding good roofing contractors in Riverview, MI is a simple process of investigation. There are a few steps anyone can take to find the right roofing team for their home. A little online research can reveal the nearby roofers and confirm a good business reputation. When you’ve narrowed down a short-list of candidates or have chosen a favorite, the next step is to ask a few questions of your own.

It’s important to confirm that you have chosen the right roofer by getting the answers to some specific questions about your home and roofing needs. While you may have some unique questions based on your home or plans, here are five excellent questions to start with when seeking a Riverview, MI roofing contractor.

1) Are Your Headquarters Nearby?

Roofing is something best done by roofers who live and work near your home. This results in shorter drive-times and immediate emergency services, among other benefits. All too often, Riverview homeowners must deal with Detroit-Area providers whose service areas (and drive-times) are centered around the big city. This does your home a disservice.

It makes far more sense to hire a local Riverview roofer with a Downriver-focused service area, so be sure to ask. Roofers with headquarters closer to your home will be better able to provide prompt and knowledgeable service.

2) Are You Familiar with My Neighborhood?

Speaking of knowledge, be sure to ask if your roofing contractors are familiar with your neighborhood and the homes therein. Most neighborhoods were built in batches of homes, meaning the homes all share a style and approximate age. Roofers who are familiar with your neighborhood will, therefore, also be familiar with the regional needs of your home. If they have successfully performed repairs for your neighbors in similarly built homes, they will be far better equipped to provide expert roofing services for your home.

As a bonus, Riverview roofers who are knowledgeable about the neighborhood can also be referred to when making recommendations to neighbors and friends.

3) How Do You Calculate Quotes?

Every roofing project is unique based on the needs of each house and the design of each roof. Because of this, prices can’t be decided until an inspection and quoting process. The inspection informs you and your roofers about the work that needs to be done. The quote tells you how much that work will cost and how long it will take.

Some quotes are basic – a flat price, tax, and a total. Some quotes are very informative, listing every material and work hour to define the final cost. Some quotes are incomplete, leaving room for surprise fees and inflated totals.

Ask your roofing contractors how their quotes are put together so you know how to read and accurately compare these quotes in the future.

4) Do You Provide Emergency Services?

Emergency roofing services are essential in Riverview, MI where seasonal storms can rip the shingles right off your home’s rooftop. If you are going to be working with a team of local roofers, make sure they provide emergency roofing services as well as the usual scheduled roofing. Emergency roofing occurs when events like storm damage suddenly require roof repairs to make your home a warm and safe place to live.

Ask your Riverview roofing contractors if they provide emergency services and if they have a 24/7 contact channel for these emergencies.

5) When is the Best Time to Schedule an Inspection?

Lastly, ask about how to schedule inspections. Most roofing services begin with an inspection to reveal and confirm what needs to be done. Without a roof inspection first, a quote is just a guess instead of a real estimate of parts and labor cost. So how do your new roofers handle inspections and scheduling? This is information you will need to know moving forward with planning your Riverview, MI roofing services.

Does your Riverview, MI home need roof repairs or installation? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about roofing contractor services in Riverview, Michigan.