Roof Financing in Downriver, Michigan

Roof Financing in Downriver, Michigan

The timing of new roofing installation is the biggest decision a homeowner will make because of the size of the financial investment. What if you could pay for the roofing project over time like the purchase of a new automobile?  Roof financing is available, and the options and terms are more desirable than ever.


We believe everyone should be able to get their roof replaced or new roofing installed as needed and in an affordable way.  The roof on your residential property is a necessity.  Your roof protects your family and your possessions.  


Roof Financing

Downriver Roofers is downriver Michigan’s most qualified and experienced roofing company for more than two decades.  They can offer you roof financing in downriver, Michigan that will get you not only the new roof your home needs but one that will last for years to come.


You do not have to settle for low quality, quick fixes.  Our experience over the years has helped us gain a streamlined, well functioning process.  Call us at 734-548-9919.


  1. We will give you a no cost, no obligation estimate for new roof installation that will give your home the roof it deserves.  Your new roof will add value and protection to your home for years to come, guaranteed.
  2. We will connect you with new roof financing opportunities and options.
  1. We will take your roofing loan application onsite in our office.
  2. Our roofing experts will go to work installing your new roof.


Recent Studies

Recent studies show that consumers just like you have often had to put off the purchase of a new roof or large roofing project because they could not afford what it costs.  As a local roofing contractor in downriver, MI, we know customers often do not have the disposable income or cash on hand for emergency projects.  


We decided we would find a way to make roofing projects affordable and financially feasible, now, when you need them.  As a family owned and operated business in your neighborhood, we pursued financing opportunities we could offer.  


Roofing Loans and Financing

Consumer loans and financing are historically extended based on what has come to be known as credit worthiness.  Does this mean you have no options if your credit is not perfect?  There are many options regardless of your credit history.

  • Revolving credit lines which are often credit cards with minimal to sizable lines of credit.  These credit lines come with monthly minimum pay options for a stated period of time.  
  • 0% for a period of time with larger rates of interest upon expiration.  This type of consumer loan often requires a minimum monthly payment.
  • Credit lines with longer payment periods with a stated interest rate for the life of the loan.  


Financing options are extended based on a consumer’s credit history.  We have many options to offer regardless of your credit history.  Everyone needs a roof over their head.  We make it a priority to help you find the best financing for your individual situation.  


We connect you with local and national financial institutions specializing in extending credit to customers like you who need money quick for their purchases.  Our in-house staff can assist you today.  Your monthly payments can be as low as $99 a month, depending on the amount and repayment terms of your roofing loan.


Quick, Paperless Application Process

Our focus when it comes to roofing loans and roof financing is simple.  We want you to have the home of your dreams.  Payment options from same-as-cash promotions to affordable fixed rate options are the easy and convenient method for paying for most any home improvement project.


Be sure to ask one of our representatives about our application process.  We can help you get:


  • Credit limits to pay for your new roof installation
  • Quick, on the spot, approvals
  • Friendly customer service
  • No early, prepayment penalties

We are glad you found us, Downriver Roofers.  We are your one-stop shop for the highest quality new roof installation with the most affordable pricing and payment options.  Call us today at 734-548-9919 or contact us thru our website at