Are you looking for a roofing company that can provide quality roofing services on a timely basis at affordable prices?  Look no further!  Downriver Roofers is your one-stop roofing contractor.  We are conveniently located in the downriver Michigan area and have over 20 years combined experience in providing roofing services to commercial and residential customers in the city of Trenton as well as the neighboring communities.


We are consistently the top-rated roofing company in Trenton.  We are not your average roofing company.  We are the company that can and will provide you with impeccable roofing service.  As well-known and experienced roofing contractors, we offer an array of products and services.



Your roof safeguards your most valuable asset, your residential home or commercial building.  Periodic inspection of the roof’s interior and exterior is necessary to stay ahead of impending problems.  Let a roofing professional come and give you a no obligation, no cost inspection at your convenience. Prevention is one step you can take to ward off costly damage in the future.



We have a reputation for our 24/7, year-round, quick response to any and all emergencies.  The emergency may be weather related or unique to your roof.  Regardless, our trained, licensed and certified roofers are always ready to react.  Call our office anytime at 734-548-9919.  Someone will get back with you timely.  Please visit for detail regarding required licensing and certification for roofers.


If an insurance claim is necessary, we will work with your insurance company to cut through what can be a long, time consuming process.  Your property and/or business will not suffer from delays in processing insurance claims.



Damaged roofing can cause extensive complications, including things like interior damage, lost production time or even safety issues.  We take pride in being able to respond quickly with minimal inconvenience to you, our valued customer.  Most repair projects can be done in one day or less.

Again, maintenance services scheduled timely generally ward off extensive roofing repairs in the future.

We can schedule annual or periodic maintenance at your convenience.  Keeping your roof free of holes, leaks and debris is important for it to last for years to come.



Upon inspection of your roof, we will be able to determine if new roofing can be put over your current roof or if we must tear off your existing roof.  In some cases, time and wear and tear warrant a new roof.  Regardless of the level of service, our roofing specialists will be there to do the level of service needed in a timely manner.  We will assist you in picking out the materials that best suit your taste aesthetically as well as be the most functional and cost effective.



In cold, inclement weather, snow often melts and refreezes causing an ice dam.  If ice dams are not removed, holes and patches of loosened or even missing roofing is the result.  And, heavy Michigan snowfalls can weaken the roof as well as cause water damage.  As your year-round roofing company, we are ready to step in and relieve your roof of these weather related issues.


We also provide recommendations for upgrade type services to your roof.  These include such upgrades as the installation of ventilation fans or skylights for improved but cost effective lighting.


Downriver Roofers gives a 100 percent satisfaction or your money-back guarantee on all projects.  NO project is too big or small!   Please call us today at 734-548-9919 or contact us through our website at