Your roof is talking to you, letting you know if the health of your home is safe and secure or you have headaches around the corner.

We don’t want you to make the classic mistake of solely considering the age of your roof as an indicator of needed repairs or replacement. Let’s take a look at the signs and symptoms that your roof is screaming for attention. Early intervention could lead to cost savings.

Look Out for Leaks

Begin in the attic and work your way to the chimney and skylights. Many homeowners will wait until they see a water spot in the ceiling to address leaks. If you examine the underside of your roof from your attic you may be able to save valuable time and money.

Look for obvious damp or drips in the eaves. Be sure you have a good flashlight on hand and search for other signs of water such as mold or mildew.

You would be wise to conduct this inspection twice a year, spring and fall. You should also check for leaks after high wind storms.

Are Your Shingles Looking Shabby?

Weathered shingles will become cracked and brittle. Extremely damaged shingles will even break when handled. Look for curled edges as well as cupped shingle tabs. Damaged shingles are one storm away from allow water into your home. If your roof is fairly young, you may just need a few repairs instead of complete replacement.

Of course, missing shingles need replacing immediately, so don’t put your inspection off after a major storm.

Watch for dark areas to appear on your shingles. This might be a sign that you have fungus or mold growing under them. If upon inspection you find these is no leak present, you may want to replace these shingles to improve the look of your home.

What’s Inside Your Gutters?

Asphalt shingles are covered in granules to prolong the life of the roof. Look for granules in your gutters that might be a sign that your shingles are wearing thin and in need of repair or possibly full roof replacement.

Stains on the Ceiling are Telling a Tale

There’s only one way for a stain or water spot to appear on your ceiling – water that has sneaked in through a compromised place in your roof. Call a professional for inspection as soon as a stain makes its appearance.

Do You Have Uninvited Guests Lurking?

Squirrels are famous for finding ways to sneak inside your attic, especially during winter months. Once again, a close inspection of your space will help you discover if an eviction notice is in order as well as roof repair caused by your disorderly visitor.

Have You Noticed a Boost in Your Energy Bill?

A roof in need of repair or replacement may cause a steady increase in the cost of cooling or heating your home. If you have an unexplained rise in cost, take time to inspect.

Time Flies When Your Living Life

Take note of the obvious, how old is your roof and what is the expected lifespan of the type of material covering your home?

Don’t Fret, Call a Professional

There are many different materials to choose from when a  new roof is in order. Investigate roofing contractors in Gibraltar Michigan and call for help in making the best decision for your home and your price point.

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