Siding Contractors  Brownstown Michigan


In Michigan it is important to protect the exterior of your residential home or commercial property from the coldest of winter days, the dampest spring and fall weather and the hottest of summers.  As siding contractors servicing the downriver cities including Brownstown Michigan, we ensure your property is protected.

We are Downriver Roofers, your neighbor and #1 roofing company for more than two decades.  Our reputation for offering and procuring the highest quality materials and labor the industry has to offer has come to be the hallmark of our business, year after year.

Home Exterior Experts

 We are home exterior experts.  This includes many things.  Some of the specialties of our highly trained and talented contractors include:

  • Roofing maintenance, repair and installation
  • Chimney maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Gutter cleaning, maintenance and replacement
  • Siding repair and installation
  • Skylight repair, replacement and installation

As you can see, we understand and acknowledge that there are many facets of the exterior of your residential home.  Whatever your needs are or the vision you have for the look and appearance of your home, we are qualified and recognized as your local expert in Brownstown Michigan.

Siding Contractors – Brownstown, Michigan

 It is a good time to have the siding on your home inspected and maintained for the upcoming season.  Or, maybe it is simply time to add siding to your home or update the siding you currently have on your home.

Finding siding contractors in Brownstown, Michigan is easy; but, the right siding contractor may be a bit more difficult. Regardless, Downriver Roofers is the best siding contractor in the southeastern Michigan, downriver area.

Our siding contractors are not only top-rated for their professional skills, but they are courteous and complete projects in a timely manner.

Cleanup and follow-up when you have questions or things go wrong is not an issue.  We stand behind our work and materials used in siding repair, replacement or installation.

Process for Siding Repair, Replacement or Installation

 Free home exterior inspection

  1. Written estimate with detail of materials, labor and time needed to complete project
  2. Information relative to warranties and follow-up

We provide a free inspection of the condition of the exterior of your home and give professional recommendations.  If you have siding now and repairs are needed, we will schedule a convenient time to do siding repair and/or siding replacement.

If you do not have siding, we may recommend siding as it protects the exterior of your home and can add style and simply update the look of your home.  One of our certified and expert siding contractors will assist you with selecting the type of siding best suited for your home and budget.

There are many types of siding and exterior cladding to choose from.  Siding options include:

  • Vinyl siding – Attractive and offers incredible versatility, low-maintenance and durability. In addition, vinyl siding is economical and energy efficient.
  • Fiber Cement – Another popular siding option is a combination of sand, fibers and cement. The result is the look and feel of natural wood.  This siding option is low cost, almost no maintenance and reduces the incidence of insects and bugs on your home’s exterior.

Overall, choosing the right exterior material depends on climate, personal taste and preference and the budget.  Downriver Roofers can help every step of the way.  Call for your free inspection at 734-548-9919 or leave your contact information on our website at

At Downriver Roofers, we are always available to respond to emergencies 24/7 and to ensure your home is protected from the elements all year-round.