Understanding Your Michigan Roofer’s Quote

Roof maintenance, repair and full replacement is all part of the home ownership experience. Eventually, every homeowner will need to call up a roofing company and get a quote on a service they need. What should be expected on an estimate or bid? Is there industry jargon that a homeowner should be familiar with? Here are some tips at making sense of all the information on an estimate from roofers in the Wyandotte, Michigan area.

Bid Overview: Don’t be surprised if you receive a single-page bid that looks more like a formal letter than a detailed cost analysis of the proposed project. This is a bid overview that usually includes a brief description of the type of project and the total cost.

Cost Breakdown: The multiple pages that cover all the details of cost and project elements may or may not be included with the bid overview. Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of cost breakdown. It’s important to know what the details are, especially if you are comparing multiple bids. Every homeowner should know exactly what they are getting for the investment. A cost breakdown will most likely include the following items:

  • Project Definition: This description not only defines exactly what is being performed on a roof, but who is responsible for each aspect of the project. It will list a start date, completion date and define terms of payment.
  • Labor: Depending on the scope of a roofing project, there may be different labor skills involved. For example, it is not uncommon for a roofing project to require professional tree trimming or removal.
  • Materials: There is much more to a roofing job than surface materials, like shingles or tiles. A materials list should include everything from fasteners to waste removal bags.
  • Permits: Local municipalities most often require permits for any roofing project. If this item is not listed, a homeowner should inquire as to who is responsible for pulling permits.
  • Clean-Up: Cleaning up after a roofing job is not only a lot of work, but it is also hazardous. Look for this item to be included in the cost breakdown.
  • Underlayment: This material lies beneath shingles and tiles. It is a layer of protection that helps prevent moisture from contacting the roof deck. Generally, underlayment materials are constructed of asphalt-saturated felt, rubberized asphalt or non-bitumen synthetic.
  • Flashing: Atop a roof are ventilation structures, chimneys, dormer windows, etc. All of these joints require flashings, a thin piece of weatherproofing material that prevents water intrusion into the joint.
  • Shingles/Tiles: These are the materials that comprise the finishing layer of a roof.
  • Credentials: Proof of licensing, industry certifications and liability insurance coverage may or may not be included in a cost breakdown. If they aren’t listed on the paperwork, it is important to contact the bidding company and request a copy of all credentials.
  • Warranties: Materials and workmanship will have separate warranties. Manufacturer warranties have guidelines that must be followed. That makes it crucial to partner with a roofing company qualified to work with the brands they use in a job. Labor guarantees testify to a company’s faith in the professional quality of their crews abilities. When a company offers a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee, you know you are getting a roofing contractor that has complete faith in its ability to do the job right.

A home’s roof is the most important structural element protecting a homeowner’s greatest investment. A roof is the primary barrier against the elements. It protects and preserves every other investment that goes into your quality of life. When contracting for a roofing project, take your time. Seek out multiple bids. Dig in and compare the details. Ask questions. Why risk your entire family’s lifestyle comfort by only looking at the bottom dollar on the bottom line? For more information on the best roofing companies in Michigan, please contact us.