Why proper attic ventilation is key to protecting your home

The experienced professionals at Downriver Roofers know that a properly installed roof is the key to protecting the longevity of one of your biggest property investments–your home.

One thing that most homeowners may not realize is how important a properly ventilated roof is to the overall protection and safeguarding of a home’s interior.   Record high temps may be great for lying around poolside, working on a tropical tan while getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, but your home’s attic space and whole-house circulation needs may be suffering if your roof isn’t properly ventilated.

Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of a home’s construction. A properly ventilated attic can extend the life of your roof and significantly lower your heating and cooling costs. Whereas an insufficiently ventilated attic can lead to a number of problems and costly repairs, particularly if left unattended.

A properly ventilated home allows for ample circulation of warm and cold air.  We all know that heat rises and without adequate means of escape, the warm, moist air can build up and turn into condensation which often causes potentially serious problems in your roof and attic such as mold and mildew. Heat buildup in the attic can be in excess of 150 degrees. This can compromise or “bake” the roofing material from the lower layer which can lead to premature aging and failure of the roofing materials.

At Downriver Roofers, our experienced professionals pride ourselves in educating our Downriver Michigan neighbors in the Grosse Ile, Southgate, and Rockwood areas –to name a few– on the many reasons why a properly installed, maintained, inspected and repaired roof is so critical to the preservation of your home.  Many homeowners are unaware of the impact that a properly ventilated attic is critical to the life of their roof. Knowing that many homes are built simply to code as oppose to built to withstand the elements over time.

A properly ventilated home requires more than code standards.  We will help you determine if your home has enough ventilation at crucial places such as at the eaves, underneath them, and at the peak of the roof in order to allow for proper intake and exhaust of excess heat and moisture.

Some other variables that we consider in giving you an accurate assessment of your home’s roof repair and ventilation needs are  roof designs, square footage, the type and shape of the attic, and vent sizes.

Our team of roofing specialists can come out and give your roof a through inspection.  Our goal is to make you a satisfied customer by providing you quality workmanship and our GAF certified products which have a lifetime leak proof guarantee!  Not many companies are willing and able to do that!  We will save money by extending the life of your roof, save you on heating and cooling costs, future costly repairs, and reduce the risk of mold or mildew related health problems. Call us at 734-548-9919, email us or visit us on our website at downriverroofers.com.

You won’t be disappointed!