When you choose a trusted, reliable roofing contractor like Downriver Roofers, you know we’ll only be using the best products in our roofs. We’re careful…choosy…downright picky about the companies we do business with because we know their quality will be a direct reflection on our reputation in Downriver MI. Take Wimsatt Building Materials. Based in Michigan, this credible company has locations throughout the state and distributes high quality doors and windows, steep slope and low slope roofing materials, exterior cladding, and other superior building products. They’re one of the best in our state, which is why we use them frequently when providing roofing materials for our customers.

Wimsatt is not a roofing company, however, Downriver Roofers uses only materials that Wimsatt sells. We’re proud to be a business partner with this top brand, and look forward to continuing a mutually rewarding relationship. When you’re in the market for new shingles, a re-roof or tear off, roof replacement, gutters or roof installation, and architectural roof shingles, we have everything you need. We promise not to waste your time selling you products you don’t need. We simply schedule an interior roofing inspection on your property, and report back on what damage, if any, is noticed. We are a GAF, CertainTeed certified facility, because we are top industry rated and endorsed by these trustworthy agencies.  

A faulty roof can cave in

You may observe any of the following signs which may indicate you need your roof looked at:

  1. Missing or damaged shingles
  2. Water spots near your attic (interior)
  3. Visible holes, tears or pieces hanging
  4. High heating or cooling bill, meaning your roof is not protecting your property enough
  5. Curling shingles
  6. Pieces of debris scattered throughout your roof

If any of these exist, it’s best to call a well known roofing contractor that knows about roof replacement, roofing repairs, new roof installation, roof overlay, ventilation and upgrades and more.

What kind of roof are you looking for?

Do you have a metal roof, asphalt roof, or flat roof? What about a low sloped roof or steep slope roof? It doesn’t matter what variety you own, Downriver Roofers has you covered in your town. Have an emergency roofing repair? Our experts will help you:

  • Fill out complex paperwork to see if insurance covers any roof damage
  • Choose an affordable building budget and financing option if necessary
  • By taking care of roof shoveling or ice dam removal

Don’t take a chance with anyone else – we are totally licensed, insured and certified to install residential and commercial roofing materials like those from Wimsatt Building Materials. Any old roof will not do for our customers – to learn more about our loyal customers, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.  

Don’t get caught with a crumbling roof

It’s simply not worth the risk to you and your family to choose any roofing company that is unlicensed, non-insured and not certified. Look for a family owned operation like Downriver Roofers – we provide 24/7 emergency roofing services to cities like Southgate, Riverview, Woodhaven and Grosse Ile – we are known as top-ranked and have a very good reputation we’ve built over the years.  Working with manufacturers like Wimsatt makes it easier to provide you with the highest quality service there is. Stuck with a roof that’s crumbling, caving in, or just looks ancient? We can help you with that, and it won’t require you or a friend climbing on a ladder and walking up on your roof. Let us do that – we’re specially trained to look for signs of deteriorating shingles, insect damage, water damage including rotting, holes and damaged shingles. Your roof is the ultimate protection device against scorching sun, heavy ice, tons of rainfall or snow, hail, wind and other elements. Your home is the cocoon that protects you and your family from anticipated and unexpected weather events. If your roof isn’t doing its job, you may end up with pieces of roof all over your yard, and a house that’s missing part of a roof for a while.

Check us out for high quality materials

Call us today at 734-548-9919 for a free in-home roofing inspection and estimate. If you want the best roofing protection in Wayne County, lower heating and cooling bills, a roof likely installed in about a day, and friendly customer service, contact us to set up you free roofing consultation.