Working With a Roofing Contractor to Prepare for a Grosse Ile Winter

Although the calendar still signals autumn leaves and pumpkins, the frigid breeze of cold air warns that winter is just around the corner. For homeowners in Grosse Ile, Michigan, winter is a serious business; according to WeatherSpark, the average daily hightemperature in Grosse Ile for some months hovers around freezing point — and the low can drop below zero degrees Fahrenheit. The snowfall range lasts for more than 4 months, with some days averaging wind speeds of 22 miles per hour.

With all these factors — snow, wind, and freezing temperatures — combining to stress your roof, making sure your home stands prepared for winter is absolutely critical. Luckily for the homeowners of Grosse Ile, Downriver Roofers has exactly the combination of expertise and dependability needed to get your roof ready for the winter. Here’s some factors to watch out for when deciding whether your roof needs some TLC:

Worn or Damaged Areas

Whether it is loose or missing shingles, a tiny leak, or even a suspicious-looking seam of a metal roof, rest assured that winter weather will find those flaws and ruthlessly exploit them until you have a full-blown problem on your hands. High winds can tear at loose shingles and cause a domino effect as neighboring shingles rip off, and metal roofs with flapping corners are in danger of peeling open gaping holes above your home. A small dripping leak is easily forced wider by ice build-up in freezing temperatures, and heavy snowfall puts an enormous strain on weak areas. The structural soundness of your roof is the greatest possible asset you could secure for your home; don’t wait for a crack to become a canyon, or a tiny leak to become a flood!

Collection of Water

If you have sagging or warped areas on your roof that collect puddles of water during rainstorms, take warning. That water will turn to ice once winter weather hits, and a build-up of ice on any roof is a disaster waiting to happen as the snow builds higher during stormy months. In extreme cases, the heavy weight can cause structural collapse — and even if structures are not damaged, a sloped roof can pose hazards to pedestrians if the sheet of ice suddenly slides off without warning. This damage is often devastating, and the fact that it is preventable makes the damage that much more heartbreaking. At Downriver Roofers, we take pride in our outstanding workmanship, and we offer a no-leak guarantee and lifetime warranty on all roof replacements.

Drafts and Heat Sinks

If you’ve noticed loss of heat through certain rooms or sections of your house, don’t chalk it off as an acceptable loss. Although it may only slightly affect your energy bill, ignoring this phenomenon can cause major headaches down the road. If heat is escaping, it usually signals damage or a structural flaw that will only grow more severe with time. Additionally, as the winter progresses, you will see gradual buildup of ice in this damaged area as the escaping heat melts the snow, which refreezes and creates a dangerously heavy weight to further strain your roof. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, but addressing it right away can prevent a simple issue from becoming a major problem.

Are you unsure whether your roof will weather the winter safely and securely? If you are looking for roofing contractors who can get the job done in Grosse Ile, Michigan, contact Downriver Roofers for a fast and easy quote. As part of our mission of service to the community, we offer free inspections to help you identify whether your roof’s specific problems require a simple repair, coating, or a full replacement. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing your home’s roof is in our capable hands.